ReJoy Suites Confinement Center is operated by a team of dedicated healthcare and postpartum care professionals, harnessing modern science with the wisdom of the Eastern practices for postpartum recovery. We offer the full suite of services including the care of medical doctors, trained nurses, lactation specialists, TCM physicians, carefully curated meals, postpartum body treatments and aesthetic treatments.


Pregnancy and childbirth are periods of immense change for a woman, but it is also a time where rest and recovery are crucial for mum and baby. Having the right support in the first few weeks can make a world of difference to their wellbeing.

ReJoy Care provides a luxurious and personalised postnatal care experience for new mothers and their babies. In the calming surrounds of a luxury hotel setting, guests are treated to a range of holistic treatments that combine the wisdom of the East with modern medical knowledge.


‘Sitting in’ or ‘Lying in’ is the period of time (ranging between 21 to 100 days depending on the culture) when the mother and newborn baby remain together and isolated from others as they rest and regain their health following the birthing process.

At ReJoy Care, this age-old practice is brought into a comfortable and modern setting, integrating both traditional and modern principles to best support the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of mother and baby.


Our aim is to create a special environment where new families can recover and rest while adjusting to the rhythms and activities that come with having a newborn baby. This precious time is an opportunity for bonding as well as ensuring the health of mum and baby have a solid foundation.

The health professionals and staff at ReJoy Suites Confinement Center look after guests with great attention and care.